Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 1: All Systems Are Go

There's no turning back now! I just finished the first day of my first student teaching placement. I am feeling so incredibly optimistic about the next 8 weeks. My mentor teacher is amazing! I never imagined a 2nd grade classroom could be so fun yet orderly at the same time! If any of you know me, you are well aware of the fact that I am a bit obsessive compulsive when it comes to school. It looks as though I've found a placement teacher that will be able to appreciate all the extra time and effort I put in to making things "perfect."

It's the whole "teaching" business that has my stomach in knots. I feel so unprepared for daily instruction...I cannot fathom what it will be like to fluidly and confidently teach these students as the day progresses. In the past, I have taught lessons while (religiously) adhering to a script that I practiced days prior, and usually flubbing those up (aka the whole -ing, -ang, -ong lesson). Now I get to experience what it will be like to teach 6 lessons a day, 5 days a week...with little to no practice. AH!!

I think this experience will be a big wake up call for me. My hopes are that, even though I may struggle and possibly cry at times, I will walk away from this with newfound courage and the belief that I am a great teacher. I couldn't have asked for a better first day! :)